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2100+ Layouts

An Extensive Divi Layouts Library

Build unique and beautiful Divi websites with premium layouts of different kinds — all in a single Divi Layouts plugin. Blog, Post, Header, Footer, Form, Testimonials and a layout library full of possibilities.

Import Stunning Divi Layouts With a Single Click

Divi Layouts Extended brings stunning Divi layouts directly to your website with a single click – no manual import is required. Preview each layout and save to the library what catches your eye. It’s the fastest way to use custom and unique designs on your Divi website. Plus, all layouts are customizable and suit websites of any niche. Thus, Divi Layouts Extended is the preferred way to go custom in Divi.
How to use divi layouts extended plugin


Highly Flexible Layouts for Divi Websites of All Kinds

Whether you’re developing a new website or giving an existing one a new look; the layouts of Divi Layouts Extended will help you achieve higher standards. You’ll build a website worth visiting a thousand times without trying too much. Have a highly readable blog, organized navigation, clear forms, engaging testimonials, and loads of best Divi layouts to build a site you can call a dream come true!


Deploy 230 Header layouts to display notifications and CTAs on the Header.

Divi header layouts


Use these 140 spectacular Footer layouts with subscriber forms, and much more.

Footer layouts

Hero Section

110 Hero Section layouts with images, and content to captivate the readers.

Hero section

Woo Sections

95 WooCommerce sections to flash up sales and offers on WooCommerce store.

Divi WooCommerce layouts


70 Blog layouts to create beautiful archive pages with hover effects.

Divi blog layout


Use 10 Timeline layouts to visualize each milestone and every event creatively.

Timeline layouts


Deploy 30 Spectacular and unique Gallery layouts with frames and overlay icons.

Divi gallery


10 Interactive Portfolio Sections suitable for every business to supply rich information.

Portfolio section


30 Divi Tabs with horizontal and vertical alignment to display information neatly.

Vertical tabs


40 FAQ layouts with toggle, tabs, and accordion to display query sections.

Divi FAQs

Pricing Table

75 Stunning Divi Pricing Tables to highlight the pricing information in detail.

Pricing table


50 Amazing Blurb layouts with Read More buttons to Showcase your services.

Blurb layouts


55 Team layouts with designation, social media icons, and info buttons.

Divi Team

Number Counter

45 Number Counters to display your achievements stunningly.

Number counter

Countdown Timer

Deploy 45 Countdown Timer layouts to create buzz about your upcoming events.

Countdown timer

Call to Action

65 Divi CTA layouts with countdown timers, and buttons for prompt decision.

Divi CTA


Use 50 Testimonial layouts to Showcase the user reviews with professional details.

Testimonial slider

Contact Form

40 Divi Contact Form layouts to display and grab contact information easily.

Contact form


80 About Sections with graphics and CTAs to tell your interesting stories.

Divi about layouts


Use 20 Accordions layout to accommodate large content in an interactive way.

Divi accordion

Business Hours

Use 30 Business Hour layouts with CTAs to display your working hours.

Business hours


90 Unique Divi Buttons to drive the user’s mind for an action.

Email Optin

50 Email Optin layouts with CTAs to Capture subscriptions from every page.

Email optin


50 Feature layouts with images and icons to flaunt the features of products.

Divi features

Client Logo

Deploy 30 Client Logo layouts to visualize the values of your brand.

Client logo


20 Stunning Slider layouts with unique designs, images, buttons, and navigation.

Slider layouts

Service Table

30 Service Table layouts with CTAs to help users pick products quickly.

Service table


List everything using 35 Interactive List layouts with list icons and images.

List layouts

Top Bar

Headline offers and details on the header with 65 Top Bar layouts.

Top bar


20 Process layouts to explain the whole service process to clients interactively.



10 Grid layouts that present text or images in a very organized and clear way.

Grid layouts

More Layouts Coming Soon

Divi page layouts

Engaging, Confusion-free, and All-around Page Layouts

Welcome users to the right page with the most blushing design using the landing page layouts. Display heartwarming messages on soothing Thank You page layouts. Use confusion-free 404-page layouts for utmost engagement. And that’s not all; this layouts cloud has page layouts of different kinds to fulfil Divi web design needs of all kinds.

Divi home pages


Make an impactful first impression using 16 Home Page layouts with lovely hero sections.

Divi home pages


Showcase several unique styles of products in a visually appealing manner with 3 Lookbook Page layouts.

Divi home pages


47 Landing Page layouts to display headlines, and CTAs to engage visitors effectively.

Divi home pages


Use 25 Post layouts to provide valuable information to the audience on specific topics and subjects.

Divi home pages


Use 55 Product layouts to show individual product images, descriptions, prices, and reviews.

Divi home pages


Showcase product listings, pricing, and ratings to customers using 30 Shop Page layouts.

Divi home pages


20 Cart Page layouts to review product summaries, quantities, prices, and other details.

Divi home pages


Display order details, payment options, shipping, and finalize purchase using 20 Checkout Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Show goals, present values, build trust, and connect with visitors using 20 About Us Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Showcase members of an organization and information about them using 30 Team Page layouts.

Divi home pages

Single Team Member

Introduce individual team members, their roles, skills, and biographies using 10 Single Team Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Display detailed descriptions of services, and offerings using 30 Services Page layouts.

Divi home pages

Single Service

Detail individual services, and other information offered by a business using 15 Single Service Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Display concise query answers, and assist common concerns of users with 8 FAQ Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Showcase work, projects, or accomplishments of an individual or business with 7 Portfolio Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Introduce multiple plans, prices, features, and special offers using 8 Pricing Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Highlight positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers or clients with 8 Testimonial Page layouts.

Divi home pages


Display contact forms, email addresses, and other contact details using 13 contact Page layouts.

Divi home pages

404 Not Found

Display a 404 Not Found message to inform users when a requested page is not found with 10 404 Page layouts.

Divi home pages

Coming Soon

Build anticipation for upcoming events and launches with countdown timers using 15 Coming Soon Page layouts.

Divi home pages

Thank You

Display a gratitude message to confirm a successful action using 10 Thank You Page layouts.

Divi home pages


10 Search Page layouts to help visitors find relevant information by displaying entire search results.

Divi home pages


Showcase a collection of work samples with images and descriptions using 5 Project layouts.

Divi home pages


Showcase job opportunities and application process in a company with 5 Career Page layouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divi Layouts Extended?

Divi Layouts Extended is a fantastic plugin that will provide you access to amazing pre-built Divi templates via a one-click import feature. It has more than 1700 prebuilt layouts, including headers, footers, hero sections, blogs, contact forms, and more, to make every part of your website beautiful and eye-catching. It also offers you beautiful pre-built pages that can be added to your website’s landing page, shop page, product page, and many other places.

How do I download/import the layouts?

Divi Layouts Extended is a plugin. Therefore, there’s no need to manually import the layouts. However, to use the layouts, first, you need to install the plugin, then from the plugin’s layout library, download the layouts you like. Then, use them in the Divi Builder.

What will I get when I purchase Divi Layouts Extended?

The Divi Layouts Extended is an extensive plugin that entitles you to currently available different layouts, such as blog, header, footer, hero sections, testimonials, team sections, countdown timer, blurb, FAQ sections, number counters, pricing table, CTA layouts, contact form and everything we’ll release in the future. This simply means you’ll get more now with Divi Layouts Extended as well as more in the future.

Do I need Divi Theme to use this plugin?

Yes, as Divi Layouts Extended is built on and for Divi theme, you need to have Divi theme installed and activated on your site.

Can I use another theme other than Divi?

No, you can’t. To use Divi Layouts Extended, you need a Licensed Divi theme developed by Elegant Themes.

Do I need a Divi child theme to use Divi Layouts Extended?

No, you don’t have to. However, if you’re using a child theme, you can use the plugin to enhance the theme’s look and feel.

Can I only use one layout at a single time?

Not necessarily you can combine the layouts as you may. For instance, you can use both Testimonials and team sections on a single page if your design needs it.

Use the layouts as your requirement without overwhelming the structure. That’s our suggestion.

Can I deactivate or uninstall Divi Layouts Extended after completing my website?

No, you can’t. The layouts you’ll use are only available because you have the plugin installed and activated on the site. Therefore, deactivating and uninstalling won’t help.