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Do you have a brilliant idea in mind that you’d love to see come to life in our extraordinary layouts pack? Our team is eagerly waiting to hear from you and turn your vision into reality, ensuring it becomes an integral part of our exceptional product. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your creativity and make a lasting impact with our cutting-edge designs. Let us bring your ideas to the forefront and make them shine in our incredible collection!

If you want to share a picture of the layout with us, please upload it on any image hosting platform like Google Drive, Flickr, PrintScreen, Ibb, or others.

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Our Approach to Make Your Feedback a Reality


Submit your layout request through URLs using our form. Otherwise share screenshot URLs of layouts uploaded on any image hosting platforms like Flickr, PrintScreen, Ibb, and more for convenience.


Our design team reviews the shared layout and the technical constraints involved while creating it. If it is found feasible, we proceed with the design process.


Once the design is fully implemented it is integrated with future updates and you can enjoy using your favorite layout on your websites

Terms & Conditions

Ownership and Rights

  • By submitting a layout idea through the Request a Layout form, you acknowledge and agree that you are voluntarily sharing your idea with us.
  • You grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, and perpetual license to use, modify, and implement your layout idea in our Divi Layout Pack Plugin and related products.
  • You understand that your idea may be used in whole or in part, and that we are not obligated to credit you for the use of your idea.
  • You confirm that you have the necessary rights to share and grant these permissions regarding the submitted layout idea.


  • We value your innovative ideas and will make our best effort to consider and potentially implement them in future updates of our Divi Layout Pack Plugin.
  • However, due to technical limitations, feasibility concerns, and our discretion, we cannot guarantee that your submitted idea will be implemented exactly as suggested or at all.
  • The decision to implement, modify, or reject a submitted layout idea rests solely with us, and we are not obligated to provide reasons for our decisions.


  • We appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing layout ideas, but we do not commit to any specific timeline for the induction of submitted ideas in future updates.
  • The timing of implementation, if any, will depend on various factors, including the feasibility of your idea, our development schedule, and user demand.


  • Please do not submit any confidential, proprietary, or sensitive information through the Request a Layout form.
  • We do not consider your layout idea submissions as confidential, and we are not responsible for any disclosure or use of your idea outside the scope of these terms.


  • You acknowledge that the layout ideas submitted through the Request a Layout form may be publicly visible on our website or other platforms.

Modifications to Terms

  • We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Please review them periodically for any updates.

By submitting a layout idea through the Request a Layout form, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, please do not submit your idea.

Thank you for your contribution and for being a part of Divi Layouts Extended community!